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Raise Money for Your Charity with a Virtual Charity Run on!

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Running Events Account for More than $1 Billion in Charitable Giving Each Year

A running/walking event can be a rewarding fundraiser for your cause, but the costs and effort associated with organizing a traditional event are excessive. makes it easy for any organization to host a virtual running event, and funnel up to 92% of the funds raised directly to your cause. Here’s how it works:

  • Join & Commit to a Miles Goal
  • Track Runs with or MapMyFitness apps
  • Ask Friends to Pledge per Mile

All of the Tools to Make a Virtual Event Fun and Rewarding has built out an entire ecosystem for hosting and participating in virtual running events. Not only do participants feel great about running to support a cause, they are embraced by an active online community, and engaged by the fun and challenge of competition.

  • Participants Can Run Anywhere, Any Time During the Event
  • Free Run-Tracking App for iPhone and Android
  • Dedicated Activity Page for Each Participant Shows Progress
  • Participants Compete for Prizes in Sponsored Challenges

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