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Nomadic Veterans



Nomadic Veterans — Per-Mile Fundraiser, May 27 - Jun 30

UPDATE: The highest pledge (minimum .50 cents/mile) will receive a free custom AR-15 (retail value 2500.00) from Hodge Defense! Disclaimer: it is the recipients responsibility to ensure that they are legally permitted to own the rifle in their state.

What we are doing...

Marty and Leo of Blackside Concepts are doing a fundraiser for Gallant Few. We will be setting out at midnight of June 7th, and going as far as we can, as fast as we can in 21 days. We will have nothing but a backpack and 100.00 in our pockets (and our witty humor of course).

Why would anyone do this?

At Blackside Concepts we can't think of a more worthy cause than serving those who have served us. With your help we hope to raise money for and create awareness of an amazing organization called Gallant Few. Gallant Few does an incredible job of helping transitioning veterans.

How can you help?

You can donate in three ways. You can pledge money by the mile on here, you can make a donation at for a flat amount, or you can help us move further on the trip to maximize the "by the mile" pledges. If you are a company that wants to sponsor part of the trip, contact us at The more help we have, the further we can get, and the more we can accomplish.

Nothing is off limits; we will cover ground by any means possible. Walk, Run, Bike, Hike, Hitchhike, Fly, Swim, Ride – everything is on the table. Our goal is to hit 5,000 miles, but we wouldn't be surprised if we only make it 500 miles with out your help. The final distance will be measured "as the crow flies" or straight line from Denver to wherever we end up at the end of the 21st day.

With the exception of return travel expenses, 100% of your donations will be going directly to helping our nation's heroes.

Who will be doing the traveling (Read: sleeping in the streets, begging for food, and walking until their feet bleed for their fellow veterans)?

Marty and Leo have a combined 9 combat deployments with 1st and 3rd Ranger Battalions (respectively), and now own and operate their own small business - Blackside Concepts. They are passionate about veterans and the issues they face, and hope through their personal and professional ventures that they are able to give back to the community that gave them so much.

It's easy to say that you support your troops, now you have a real chance to show that support. Please consider donating. If you don't have the means, please share this with someone who can. These brave men and women need your help!

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