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Press Launches First-of-it’s-Kind ‘Run Raiser’ Platform Empowering People to Get Active or Transform Training and Race miles into Dollars and Awareness for Charity.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Every year millions of people raise billions of dollars for charities via run/walk/wheel events. Yet, on average charities receive only half of the dollars raised due to event management costs.* The Run Raiser platform eliminates event operating costs, while enabling any-sized charity to create a virtual run, walk or wheel event open to participants globally - allowing limitless participation with charities receiving the bulk of money raised. is an innovative, first-of-its-kind social and collaborative fundraising platform that enables small-to-mid-size charities and individual athletes worldwide to custom craft “virtual charity sport events” for their favorite causes. Charities no longer need to invest big dollars or deal with the logistical headache associated with creating onsite events. For the first time, people can participate in charity runs, walks and beyond on their home training turf – turning daily exercise, such as walking or running into charitable dollars

It’s a modern day run/walkathon of sorts, where friends, family and colleagues can pledge dollars (or cents) per miles logged running or walking or just about any activity that can be tracked - including cycling, skiing, hiking, paddling etc. - and then monitor the athlete’s progress step by step. The Run Raiser platform has transformed online fundraising. Rather than a simple “tin cup” fundraising page as many crowdfunding sites provide, powers the entire event on its social platform - including registration, contests, swag, activity tracking via smartphone apps, Garmin or manual entry, providing full transparency of an athlete’s progress.

Simple to create, virtual charity sports events on can be launched globally in under an hour. While, the events are “virtual” allowing people anywhere to participate, the miles run or walked are real. The Run Raiser platform is also ideal for extending traditional sporting events internationally, by offering people who can’t be there physically to participate virtually, as they raise charitable funds and engage in a social community with fellow runners and walkers online.

“This is a huge, multi-billion dollar market with an underserved sector.” Says Drew Izzo, CEO of “There are over 1.5 million small foundations in America alone that simply don’t have the resources to create physical events – and most physical events have significant financial risk with limited participation due to venue restrictions.”

In 2012, nearly 12 million people raised $1.68 billion for a cause via charity sporting events (run, walk, wheel), according to the 2012 Run Walk Ride Fundraising Council, a division of Cause Marketing Forum, Inc. While, reports that 99.6% of America’s 1.6 million charities are “small” with less than $1 million in revenues.

How it works: Charities

An virtual charity sport event can be any length of time or format, such as an event such as 10k, marathon, hiking outing, monthlong fundraising run, week-long cycling trip, and beyond – and it can extend for a month or several months. Participants win by saving money and the hassle of traveling to a physical event and instead, can partake on their own schedule to reach their goal while raising charitable funds and awareness for a cause.

While on-premise “traditional” charity event may take weeks or months to organize due assorted logistics and costs - such as venue, racecourse, licenses, permits, insurance and other associated amenities - virtual athletic charity events on can be set up in and hour without financial investment and risk. And, because the model creates efficiencies by leveraging technology, the majority of funds raised go directly to the cause. works in partnership with charities that dream up the active charity event and then the Run Raiser platform handles the event registration, fundraising transactions and real time tracking via apps and social platform. During the virtual charity event, participants’ log their charity fundraising daily exercise, such as walking or running miles, via the apps, Garmin, or manually enter information that gets posted on the event home page as daily miles, accrued miles, pace and percentage of goal met.

How it works: Individual Athletes enables participants to raise money for their favorite charity during as set amount of mile or period of time. For instance, Sally can decide to raise money for her favorite charity during the two months it takes her to train for her first 10K running race. She has decided she will run 100 miles during the two months of training, whichis stated on her virtual charity sport event home page she creates upon registering on She then asks her family, friends and colleagues to pledge dollar (or cents) to support her goal of running 106.2 miles (100 training + 6.2 race), which goes to the charity.

Sally will log her miles on via the app, Garmin or manually as her supporters follow her progress on the event home site encouraging her success. The result: Sally raises money for her charity while gaining fitness, finishing her first 10K and creating a supportive social event involving her family, friends and colleagues.

Virtual sport charity events on can occur for any period of time, from an hour to multiple months or beyond. In September 2013, will launch its biggest effort yet, hosting’s S1X fundraiser for prostate cancer during the month of September, Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. “One-in-Six” men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetimes – yet, awareness and screening remains alarmingly low.

Anyone can join Teamwinter S1X and it’s easy to register at, while making a difference.

How it Works:

  • Register at for $40 and receive over $150 in swag from event sponsors.
  • Run or walk anywhere - at any time throughout the month of September and track activity with free tracking apps from
  • Invite friends and family to pledge dollars (or cents) per mile.
  • Make a difference.

Teamwinter (501c3 nonprofit organization) was founded by Winter Vinecki in 2008 when she was 9-years old, the year her Dad Michael was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He died 10 months later at age 40. A head-turning triathlete since she was five years old, Winter, now 14, has used her brilliant athletic prowess and commitment to help raise over $400,000 to aid in prostate cancer research. This self-driven teen is determined to “chase down prostate cancer” and is looking for teammates to join her cause this September by joining Teamwinter S1X.

A two-time IronKids National Triathlon Champion, Winter recently (April, 2013) set the world record for the youngest person to run 26.2 miles in Antarctica and is the overall female winner for the 2013 Inca Trail Marathon, labeled the “Toughest Marathon in the World.”

Winter is in the midst of a running a world-record tour to bring global awareness to prostate cancer, which includes racing a marathon on all seven continents. The tour concludes with the Greece Marathon in November 2013 - a month before she turns 15-years old. All in memory of her Dad.

Empowering people to get active or transform their training and race miles into dollars and awareness for charity. Make a run-raising difference with!


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